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Your Guide to the Range of EGO Thermostats for Maximum Flexibility

EGO control Thermostat / Safety Temperature Limiter

Are you looking for a thermostat that has been designed for maximum flexibility? Then look no further than the range of EGO appliance control elements thermostats that are available at Under Control Instruments. There are a number of uses for an EGO Thermostat, or safety temperature limiter as they are also known.

As well as being placed in devices that can be used in a domestic property, this selection of thermostats are perfect for a variety of other applications. For instance:

  • in industrial plants,
  • heating technology,
  • medical production,
  • manufacturing.

However, in recent times, the importance of flexibility in thermostats used in the white goods sector has increased significantly.

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How EGO Thermostats Work

In an EGO Thermostat (safety temperature limiter), the detector is made up of several parts. They are the sensor, the capillary tube, the diaphragm and the expansion medium.

When the sensor detects heat, the medium will enlarge and heat up. After that, the growth of the medium creates pressure which is converted into a movement in the diaphragm. This movement, or displacement, activates a switch which opens or closes the contacts in an electrical circuit system.

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A Wide Selection of EGO Thermostats

Here at Under Control, we stock a huge collection of EGO Thermostats. Each is unique in their combination of control type, temperature range, sensor length and capillary length.

You can learn more about each control type below.

Single Pole EGO Thermostats

A feature of single pole EGO thermostats is that they do not actually feature an off setting, only a low setting. When switched as low as possible, a single pole thermostat will turn heaters on once the temperature dips as low as it is turned to. If there was an off setting then regardless of the temperature, heaters would not turn on.

Triple Pole EGO Thermostats

Our selection of triple pole EGO thermostats differs from other control types and this can be determined by their additional contact points on the back of the unit. These thermostats are again used for the control and regulation of temperature, yet they feature an off switch. Moreover, as with all our EGO thermostats, the triple pole is available is several variations which differ in temperature range and sensor length.

EGO High Limit Thermostats

Commonly for use in tumble dryers, EGO High Limit Thermostats can be applied as a safety feature which will prevent your dryer from overheating while it is drying your clothes. This is done by shutting off the power to the heater. Again, a variety of temperature ranges are available. Usually, the high limit thermostat acts a secondary thermostat to the regular single or triple pole thermostat.

Browse Our Selection of EGO Thermostats

Looking for a safety temperature limiter? To find out more about our selection of EGO thermostats, you can get in touch with the knowledgeable Under Control Instruments team. Our helpful, supportive staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us by calling 0121 238 2795.

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