Under Control Instruments are suppliers to the refrigeration industry of superior component parts. We supply to many manufacturers and re-sellers offering competitive prices and quality as standard.
What is refrigeration
In simple terms, refrigeration is a process that takes the heat from one location and moves it to another. At UCI we have the knowledge and know-how to do this. We have a range of product that will achieve this process efficiently.

With an expanding range of products, we specialize in the supply of heating elements. These are for use in evaporators, cold rooms door seals and defrost applications such as drain-lines and compressor etc.

We have a wide range of products and will meet any demand, for any specials please call us, one of our sales team will be pleased to discuss it further with you.

Fridge Thermostats (6)

Pressure Switches (3)

Refrigerator Fans (6)