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Everything You Need to Know About Strip Heaters

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Not sure if an electric strip heater is the right heating element for you to buy? It’s not surprising. There are so many different heating elements available. So, choosing the most suitable one for your needs can feel like a minefield.

Here, we try to clear up some of the confusion and answer your most frequently asked questions on strip heaters.

Electric Strip Heaters & Their Uses

What is a strip heater?

Essentially, a strip heater is a device that is bolted onto a surface and used to heat either the surface itself or the surrounding air. It will typically consist of a resistance wire (i.e. the heating element), a protective sheath (made from aluminium, steel, or iron) and the appropriate mounting hardware.

Some models – usually those intended for radiant air heating – also come fitted with a series of fins. These maximise the heater’s surface area and allow heat to be transferred much more efficiently.

How does a strip heater work?

Electric strip heating elements have a very simple design and work in a logical way.

An electrical current is passed through the resistance wire.

This wire is spaced evenly along the length and breadth of the heater and, as it starts to heat up, it transfers heat energy into the surrounding sheath.

The entire surface area of the strip heater is heated – reaching temperatures as high as 500°C – and, as a result, the object to which it is attached (or the air surrounding it) starts to heat up.

What is a strip heater used for?

Strip heaters are mainly found indoors, used for clamp-on and convection heating. They are a versatile and economical option and are most commonly used for:

  • Surface heating in platens, dies, moulds, tanks and piping
  • Process air heating in ovens and drying cabinets
  • Dropping resistors in line applications in railroads and load banks
  • Defrosting in hoppers, conveyors, ducts and car heating systems

They are also often found in equipment such as dehumidifiers, air conditioning, packaging and sealing equipment, laboratory equipment and vulcanising presses, to name just a few.

Should I invest in a strip heater?

The ideal heating element for you will depend on your exact needs. However, if your application is listed above, a strip heater will likely be a worthwhile investment.

Not only do they transfer heat quickly and effectively, but they’re also easy to install, and they require little maintenance. They have a high-shine pleasant appearance and, thanks to their corrosion-resistance and robust construction, they are guaranteed to last for a long time.

Where can I buy a strip heater?

Under Control is the only UK distributor of the CaloritechTM Strip Heater. These heavy-duty units are available in both a standard and finned version and are manufactured from the highest quality alloy resistance wire and aluminium steel sheath. They come in a variety of lengths (ranging from 5.5” to 35.57”) and we currently have a broad spectrum of wattage and voltage options to choose from.

Need some advice? Get in Touch

If you are looking to buy a heating element and would like to find out more about an electric strip heater, please feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts have excellent knowledge of heating elements. They will happily answer any questions you may have and can advise on the best model for your specific application.

So why not call us today on 0121 238 2795? Or alternatively, send an email to info@undercontrol.co.uk and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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