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Heating Elements

Heating elements convert electrical energy into heat and are used in industrial and domestic heating applications. They are commonly used in boilers, radiators, and immersion heaters. Available in a variety of forms, they are essential for manufacturing plants and food service businesses to ensure the correct heat. A faulty part can lead to significant problems, and at Under Control, we stock a range of heating elements to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Temperature Control Solutions

Businesses within food service or manufacturing will need temperature control solutions to regulate the temperature of products and meet regulatory requirements. Temperature controllers relate to different products from probes and thermostats to accurately record temperatures for adjustments to POD controls which learn from temperature errors to self-correct and ensure a consistent temperature in the future.

Gas Parts

Commercial caterers need to ensure that their natural gas and LPG equipment is in top working order to ensure they can continue to deliver products to their clients. Here at Under Control, we supply commercial catering gas parts and spares to keep your system running smoothly. From gas interlock systems to catering hoses and pilot burners, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your equipment.

Ventilation Interlocking Systems

Ventilation interlocking systems, also known as gas interlocking systems, work by ensuring the ventilation system is fully operable before the gas supply can be turned on. This safety feature ensures that your team are protected from dangerous fumes. The ventilation interlocking systems from Under Control encompass everything from gas interlock systems and fans to emergency stop buttons and control panels.

Commercial Catering Spares And Parts

Equipment breaks down over time, which is why spare parts are so important. They can help you to save on the cost of replacing an entire machine, ensuring that your business continues to deliver the exceptional services you have become known for. At Under Control, we are your one-stop shop for catering parts and spares. Whether you want to buy in bulk or you need one quickly to repair an emergency breakdown, you’ll find what you need here.

Infrared Lamps

Infrared lamps serve a variety of purposes. They are used for drying and curing lines, food warming catering applications, and for heating both indoors and outdoors. Some within the health and wellbeing industry believe that infrared lamps can also help with colds and muscle strains. At Under Control, we stock a range of infrared lamps in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. From 78 mm to 788 mm, you’ll find infrared process heating and commercial comfort heating solutions to suit your needs.