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What are temperature calibrators used for?

What are temperature calibrators

What are temperature calibrators used for?” Many people frequently ask this important question. Here we will answer the question to allow you to make the right choice when selecting a temperature calibrator for yourself.

Imagine making an important product where maintaining the temperature within a very narrow window is imperative; exceeding or not reaching this range will spoil the product.

You have a very good PID process temperature controller that is able to maintain the required temperature window. You also have a good PT100/RTD or thermocouple sensor that is able to measure the process temperature.

Measuring the process then begins, and all seems to be working well for several weeks. Then one day, you discover a rejected batch process, and the following day, it happens again. You check the process controller readings and this is reading correctly. The temperature sensor also hasn’t moved out of position. You then start to scratch your head what has changed to cause these batch rejections?

The answer is temperature sensor drift. External forces such as foreign objects/liquids, vibration or extreme temperatures cause contamination of the temperature sensor.

This all could cause a product line to shut down which is a costly way to establish that the temperature sensor and temperature controller needs calibrating or replacing.

It is therefore important to put in place a strict preventative calibration program.

The use of one of our temperature calibrators will ensure that your process control is kept within the set parameter.

We have two types ideal for consideration, one is a Wet/Dry calibrator and the other is a Dry block calibrator.

Both are suitable for carrying out the mission. To find out more about the two different types, click here.