The Benefits of Using Infrared Lamps

Types & Benefits of Infrared Lamps - Under Control

At Under Control we provide a massive collection of types of Infrared Lamps. Our selection includes infrared lamps which are available in ruby, gold and clear. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes from 78mm to 788mm. So, you can rest assured there will be a size to suit your individual or business needs. We have thousands of these products in stock and each has various glare reduction features as well as many other benefits.

Infrared Lamp Uses

The main uses for infrared lamps are: process heating and comfort heating.

Process Heating

Process heating, refers to the use of the lamp, as being part of things. For instance, food warming in kitchens, curing and drying production lines and outdoor heating. Infrared heating is considered more effective than conventional heating methods. This is because it is not impacted by air movement hence its common use outside.

Comfort Heating

In comfort heating, they are well favoured as they are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. They also have a low warm-up time. Therefore, they are used for comfort in facilities such as saunas, religious buildings, office spaces and outdoor eateries.

Infrared Lamp Benefits

As well as their various uses, the installation of Infrared Lamps has many benefits. Below we have listed these advantages:

  • Appropriate for zone control
  • Comfort and Process Heating
  • Can heat an object rather than air
  • Heat control allows adjustment as you require
  • No need for preheating
  • No emissions
  • No noise
  • Ease of installation
  • Varied colours and sizes

Infrared Lamps Sizes & Colours

As mentioned in the final point above, there are a number of different sizes and colours available for you to choose from. These include our Ruby Infrared Lamps, Gold Infrared Lamps and Clear Infrared Lamps.

Ruby Infrared Lamps

Ruby Infrared Lamps are slim and great for reducing glare. Available in various wattages and voltages, almost all of the electrical power is turned into a heat output so hardly any energy is wasted. Another benefit is their excellent lifespan of 5000 working hours.

types of infrared lamps - ruby

Gold Infrared Lamps

When it comes to Gold Infrared Lamps these heat lamps are selected if the client requires a more discrete light for use in public areas. Again, this product can be purchased in various voltages and watt levels and is available with wire ended or push in options.

types of infrared lamps - gold

Clear Infrared Lamps

Clear Infrared Lamps can be used for various applications be it process, industrial or commercial heating that is required and clients can benefit from the lamp reaching its maximum temperature in just one second.

types of infrared lamps - clear

Discuss Your Requirements with the Experts

If you require further information on the type of Infrared Lamps you may need, then please get in touch with the expert Under Control team. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff can answer any queries and questions you have regarding our range of products. You can contact us by calling us on either 0845 688 7122 or 0121 238 2795.