Gas Valves

We have a range of gas control valves and isolation valves for use with gas. We are always expanding our range, so please check in from time to time.

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Robertshaw R-8222 7000 Unitrol Control Knob

Starting From: £1.49

Gas Tap Control Valve For Salamander Grill LINCAT VA64/S FFD/FSD

Starting From: £28.90

Robertshaw Gas Valve U7000 Unitrol BGOR

Starting From: £75.08

Robertshaw 7000 BMVR Unitrol Gas Valve Nat Gas

Starting From: £101.15

BLUE SEAL THERMOSTAT – 228705 Gas Control Thermostat

Starting From: £177.65

Replacement BMVR Robertshaw NAT Gas Valve U7000 Unitrol Millivolt 1/2″ and 3/4″

Starting From: £76.50

Robertshaw BGOR Gas Valve 7000 Natural Gas

Starting From: £102.00

Gas Valve Thermocouple Magnet – Large


Gas Valve Thermocouple Magnet – Small


Gas Governor/Regulator – 3/4″


Gas Governor/Regulator – 1/2″