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What a Commercial Kitchen Gas Interlock System is (and why it’s important!)

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What is a commercial kitchen gas interlock system? When running a commercial kitchen, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers is crucial. A key component of kitchen safety is the commercial kitchen gas interlock system. If you’re unfamiliar with what a gas interlock system is or why it’s essential, Under Control is here to provide you with all the information you need. Read this blog to find out what a commercial gas interlock system is, and why your kitchen may need one.

What is a Gas Interlock System?

A gas interlock system is a safety device required by law in all commercial kitchens. It works by shutting off the gas supply when the ventilation system fails or when there is inadequate airflow. This protects against the risk of gas build-up, which can lead to dangerous situations, including explosions.

Why is a Gas Interlock System Necessary?

The primary function of this type of system is to enhance safety in commercial kitchens. It prevents gas from flowing unless the ventilation system is operating correctly, reducing the risk of gas accumulation and potential explosions.

Legal Compliance
Installing a gas interlock system is not just about safety; it’s also a legal requirement for all catering businesses. Failing to have one could result in prosecution by health and safety officials, and your kitchen could be shut down for non-compliance.

Financial Protection
Not installing a system could be costly. Besides potential fines for not adhering to the law, you could face significant expenses in case of a gas-related incident in your kitchen.

Does My Kitchen Need A Gas Interlock System?

Any commercial kitchen that uses gas appliances needs a gas interlock system. This includes restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, hospitals, and any other catering facilities. The system is designed to ensure adherence to British Standards within a commercial setting, protecting both staff and customers from potential gas-related hazards.

Gas Interlock Control Panel

The gas interlock control panel is a vital component of the system. It allows you to monitor the functionality of your commercial kitchen, ensuring regular maintenance is carried out as needed. The control panel identifies potential risks, enabling you to react effectively in emergencies.

How Easy is it to Install?

Installing a system is straightforward, whether you’re fitting it to a new or existing kitchen. At Under Control, our products are designed to meet the needs of any commercial kitchen, offering a perfect fit and helping you avoid costly consequences. Installation requires little to no downtime, and our team of experts is always ready to assist with any advice or support you may need.


What is the purpose of a gas interlock system?
The primary purpose is to ensure safety in commercial kitchens by preventing gas flow when the ventilation system fails or there’s inadequate airflow.

Is it a legal requirement?
Yes, all commercial kitchens in the UK are legally required to have a gas interlock system installed.

What happens if I don’t install a gas interlock system?
Failing to install a gas interlock system could result in prosecution, fines, and potential closure of your kitchen due to non-compliance with safety regulations.


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