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Canopy Fans: Why are they important?

Ventilation in commercial kitchens is a very important topic. It ensures that Co2 levels, smoke and gases are extracted safely without causing risk to health. At Under Control Instruments Ltd we take it very seriously. Therefore, we stock ventilation systems that vary in sizes from 250mm to 600mm. In this article we will have a brief look at canopy fans and how they would benefit you. 

Efficient Ventilation Solutions for Kitchens

The goals of an efficient kitchen ventilation system include:

  • removing cooking fumes at the appliance;
  • removing excess hot air and bringing in cool, clean air so that the working environment is comfortable (inadequate ventilation can cause lethargy and heat stress contributing to unsafe systems of work and high staff turnover);
  • making sure that the air movement in the kitchen does not cause discomfort, such as from strong draughts;
  • provide enough air for complete combustion.

Canopy Fans for Commercial Kitchens

Do I need a kitchen canopy fan?

The simple answer is yes, this ensures that commercial kitchens have the correct and adequate levels of ventilation required by law to keep employees safe.

How do I know what size fan to use?

This is normally sized by an approved kitchen ventilation company/Engineer, there are many factors to consider so its best to leave it to the professionals.

Will commercial kitchen canopy fans make the kitchen noisy?

No, they are manufactured to produce low levels of noise, this is a combination of RPM and flow rates to ensure the noise is as low as possible.

Where are commercial canopy fans normally fitted?

Depending on the kitchen configuration they can be fitted inline or wall mounted, both options will be considered when being sized.

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To ensure that kitchen canopy fans operate within the correct levels you should also ensure that a gas interlock system is fitted. Here at Under Control Instruments Ltd, we stock and supply them in kit form to make it easy when selecting.

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