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What are Infrared Heating Lamps Used For?

Example of infrared heater at home

Example of infrared heater at home

The use of infrared heating lamps can make a
huge difference in a wide range of industrial and commercial contexts. As
infrared lamps are not affected by most environmental factors, these items are
versatile and can be used for numerous different purposes in diverse scenarios.

So, what are some of the main uses for
infrared heating lamps? In this article, the team at Under Control – experts in
infrared heating solutions, refrigeration equipment and other specialist
temperature control resources – explain just a few.

Process Heating Solutions

Companies that specialise in the manufacture
or processing of certain materials or components must often take very specific
approaches to the application of heat in order to maintain the quality and
integrity of their products.

For example, if a process involves drying or
curing, the heat used must be very consistent to ensure a standard of quality
control that is as accurate as possible every time.

One of the major benefits of an infrared
heating lamp is that it is not affected by air movement, which makes it more consistent and easy to manage than many of the other approaches that could
otherwise be taken.

Heating systems of this kind are also great
for maintaining a particular temperature once it is reached, as once an object
is heated using an infrared lamp
that object will then radiate heat itself. This makes it a great approach for warming food.

By comparison, convection heating can result
in up to a 50% energy loss, making infrared technology a more accurate,
economical and environmentally friendly option.

Comfort Heating

One of the most widely recognised uses of the
infrared lamp is outdoor heating in public venues. They are popular in this
context because they are safe, easy to maintain and super quick to set up,
taking less than one second to reach the temperature to which they have been

Due to their low energy loss, they’re also
great for companies that have made a pledge to “go green”.

It’s even possible for companies to choose
lamps that match their aesthetic, with Under Control offering clear, gold and
ruby options.

As well as heating for outdoor spaces such as
smoking areas and drinks terraces, infrared lamps may be used in saunas, as
well as large spaces that are not insulated or do not easily retain heat, such
as warehouses, churches and mosques.

You can take a look at the infrared heating
solutions offered by Under Control right here, or check out our other heating products for further options.

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