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How are Cartridge Heaters Beneficial?

If you run a business that works with dies,
moulds, platens or any other equipment that requires the localised application
of heat, you may find that the use of cartridge heaters is the ideal approach
to help you achieve perfect results each time.

The accuracy and longevity of these devices
are just a few of the reasons behind their popularity. In this article, the
team at Under Control Instruments LTD – specialists in the supply of high
quality temperature control devices – explain why cartridge heaters are so

Suitable for a Range of Purposes

The wide selection of cartridge heater sizes
available from Under Control means that these devices can be applied to a range
of different machines.

They are designed to make a simple and easy
push fit connection. Sizes available include 6.5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm and 16mm in
diameter – and we also offer imperial sizes, including ¼”, ⅜”, ½” and ⅝”.

Durable and Resilient

Cartridge heaters are designed for use with
particular wattages. The heaters available from Under Control are manufactured
as high watt densities as standard, unless otherwise requested. Medium and low
watt densities can also be requested.

All of these devices can be designed to
operate up to 800 degrees celsius.

Exceptional Accuracy

Cartridge heaters are used for the application
of controlled, focussed heat – meaning you’ll get an extremely accurate and
replicable result each time.

Their temperature-sensing properties mean that
overheating is far less likely than with other equipment.


Thanks to the minimal energy loss resulting
from the use of cartridge heaters, less power is required to achieve
exceptional results, costs will be lower and your impact on the environment
will be reduced.

What’s more, these devices allow you to
minimize the condensation produced during the heating process, which means a
far lower likelihood of damage occurring in this way. This, in turn, will help
to lower the cost of maintenance.

Established in 2004, Under Control Instruments
LTD have continuously sought out the very best manufacturing partners and
employed talented and knowledgeable sales engineers to work alongside our
clients, ensuring that customers always receive the very best equipment to suit
their requirements.

The flexibility of the options available when
purchasing a device of this kind from us – along with the quality of our
products and the accuracy with which they work – has allowed us to become one
of the leading suppliers of cartridge heaters UK-wide.

To find out more about the products we supply,
which range from catering equipment to refrigeration parts, infrared heating
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