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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Infrared Lamps for Catering

Keep food warm

Notice in a restaurant how an infrared lamp is installed above a gantry or hotplate? This is how your food is kept warm, prior to it being served.

At Under Control, our food warming equipment has a warm up time of 1 second- this is highly efficient and desirable if you want to ensure you are serving your customer’s hot food, as well as saving energy! Our infrared lamps don’t require any preheating; therefore, we provide you with the convenience to keeping your food warm instantly.

An infrared lamp guarantees a constant temperature, which is perfect for maintaining the temperature of food. With this said, the temperature can easily be controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature dependent on how hot you require the food to be maintained. You can even turn off the lamp if it is not being used, without having to worry about long heating up periods when you need to use it again.

Clean and efficient performance

Whether it’s a heated counter, hard glass, screw-in lamp, double ended or linear lamp; it is our aim at Under Control to specifically design your infrared lamp, taking into account your needs for design and functionality.

Undoubtedly, infrared lamps are perfect if you’re looking to generate heat instantly, they’re highly efficient! In terms of efficiency, at Under Control, we have been able to reduce the operational time, keeping your electricity bills to a minimum and allowing you to use the bulbs as, and when you require them.

Did you know that our infrared bulbs and lamps can last up to 60% longer than any other instrument company?

Easy installation

How hard can it be! At Under Control, we cannot express enough how useful our food warming equipment is, especially infrared lamps. When it comes to the installation, we have quite literally got it all under control, all catering bulbs are installed with “click-fit” connectors. You simply need to click your bulbs into place, it’s as easy as that!

Sometimes an infrared lamp doesn’t have protective glass but this is no concern, we can provide you with protective glass that provides suitability for the catering industry, making them suitable for withstanding high temperatures!

The installation process is easy; you can choose the orientation of the lamps (whether they are to be installed horizontally or vertically) plus you have the opportunity to choose between gold, ruby, clear or reflective lamps, suiting the design of your catering needs.

Competitive prices

At Under Control, we are confident we won’t be beaten on price, so, if you’re looking for control instrument specialists, you needn’t look any further, as we produce infrared lamps that offer high-quality, along with a long life-span!

If you’re looking for infrared lamps for your catering facility, you want it to be cost effective, hence why we stock food-safe lamps that have been sustainably developed, saving you money that you would potentially spend on electricity!