We stock thousands of Cartridge Heaters in Metric & Imperial sizes

The UCI cartridge heater range provides excellent heat transfer and long life. Cartridge heaters are designed for a push-fit into holes of nominal diameters. They are manufactured to the highest standards and from the highest quality materials. The primary use of cartridge heaters is for heating Dies, Moulds, Platens and various other applications demanding localised heating. They can be designed to operate up to 800 deg C.

Cartridge heaters are available in metric and imperial sizes 6.5mm (1/4″) to 40mm (1.5″) diameters and up to 2m in length.

Supplied as high watt densities as standard for the most demanding of applications, medium and low are also offered on request.

Several factors must be considered when selecting the proper cartridge heater, such as below, that will ensure your heaters last as long as possible and perform as required.


What to consider when selecting a cartridge heater

What is the Operating temperature?

Movement and vibration?

Ambient conditions, damp/humidity, hot etc.?

Fitting type: e.g. flange, threaded, right angle etc.


How are Cartridge Heaters Beneficial

If you run a business that works with dies,
moulds, platens or any other equipment that requires the localised application
of heat, you may find that the use of cartridge heaters is the ideal approach
to help you achieve perfect results each time.


How to prevent cartridge heater failure

Has your cartridge heater failed? You’re not alone. This is a very frequent complaint, with many people baffled as to why their ‘long-life’ cartridge heating element has lasted for a very short (and unsatisfactory!) length of time.


Cartridge Heater 1/4″ x 5″ 400w 240v

Starting From: £11.83

Thermal Paste 220 C rating, 30g/tube

Starting From: £4.15

Cartridge Heater 1/2″ x 4″ 275w 240v

Starting From: £10.89

Cartridge Heater 16 x 200mm 700w 230v

Starting From: £19.42

Cartridge Heater 1/2″ x 4″ 275w 120v

Starting From: £10.89

Cartridge Heater 10 x 100mm 150w 230v

Starting From: £10.91

Cartridge Heater 1/2″ x 3″ 200w 240v

Starting From: £10.28

Cartridge Heater 1/2″ x 3″ 470w 240v

Starting From: £9.55

Cartridge Heater 10 x 65mm 300w 230v

Starting From: £8.88

Cartridge Heater 3/8″ x 1.5″ 200w 240v

Starting From: £8.70

Cartridge Heater 10 x 125mm 500w 230v

Starting From: £11.84

Cartridge Heater 1/4″ x 3″ 110w 240v

Starting From: £10.66

Cartridge Heater Calculator

Use for calculating sizes that are non-stock

How to use the cartridge heater price calculator?

Fill in all the relevant boxes with the information, and the calculator will tell you what it will cost; it’s as simple as that! If you decide to place the order, email the details over, we will confirm your order details by return.

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Getting the best from your cartridge heaters

Where are cartridge heaters used?

Cartridge heaters are used in many applications where it is required to get heat into a metal moulding tool. These could be presses, heating jaws and injection moulding tools.

What temperature are cartridge heaters suitable for?

The normal operating temperatures are usually below a sheath temperature of 650 deg C. However, they can be made suitable for temperatures up to 800 deg C upon request.

What are the advantages of cartridges heaters?

The advantage of using a cartridge heater is that because they are high powered, they can push a large amount of heat into a metal block in a relatively short period of time. The cartridge heaters are made to a tight tolerance to ensure the best heat transfer possible.

For more standard sizes, click here.

Correct Installation Guide for Cartridge Heaters

Useful Power Calculator

Use this simple calculator to work out any heating element's Ohms, Amperage, voltage, and wattage.

Power Calculator
Ω Resistance
A Current
V Voltage
W Power
Enter 2 values and press Calculate

Ohms Law


We have created this conversion calculator based on Ohms law. Please feel free to use it.

Functional if you need to work out your load requirements.

Also, if the wattage is not on display on the heating element

Surplus stock cartridge heaters

Stock CodeQtyDiameterLengthWattageVoltageLead LengthExtra info
CH653015042-EUROSLOT46.5mm30mm15042300Angled Exit6.50
CH122804002301212mm280mm400230200Armoured leads13.00
CH12580500230612.5mm80mm500230350stainless overbraid6.00
CH128250240ANG101/2"8"2502401000stainless overbraid, angled11.00
CH15300300240ANG315300mm3002401500Angled Exit12.00
CH583175240ANG55/8"3"1752402000Angled Exit9.00
CH125125500230ANG2012.5mm125mm500230v750mmAngled exit , SSOB16.00