How to use the cartridge heater price calculator?

Simply fill in all the relevant boxes with the information and the calculator will tell you what it will cost, it’s as simple as that! If you decide to place the order then email the details over, we will order confirm by return.

Where are cartridge heaters used?

Cartridge heaters are used in many applications where it is required to get heat into a metal moulding tool. These could be presses, heating jaws and injection moulding tools.

What temperature can cartridge heaters be made to?

The normal operating temperatures are usually below a sheath temperature of 650 deg C. However, they can be made suitable for temperatures up to 800 deg C upon request.

What are the advantages of cartridge heaters?

The advantage of using a cartridge heater is that because they are high powered, they can push a large amount of heat into a metal block in a relatively short period of time. The cartridge heaters are made to a tight tolerance to ensure the best heat transfer possible.

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cartridge heater leads close up

For best results, cartridge heaters should be used with temperature controllers. We also offer thermocouples and PT100 sensors to complete the control loop.

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Ohms Law


We have created this conversion calculator based on Ohms law. Please feel free to use it.

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