These EGO branded high limit triple pole thermostats are used to protect the heating system from over heating should the main thermostat fail to turn off. They are the same as the single pole type but will switch 3 separate devices. This is important on applications where excessive temperatures could cause harm or damage products. These are typically sold with the EGO triple pole thermostat range, see the range here.

We have a wide range of EGO branded thermostats available from stock. See the table below for the full available range. We are always updating this list so if you do not find your exact model, please give is a call, it might not have been included or an alternative is available.


Part No.Control TypeTemp RangeSensor Length (mm)Capillary Length (mm)
55.31542.020Triple pole limiter2356x235830
55.31542.100Triple pole limiter2256x235830
55.31542.190Triple pole limiter2256x179830G
55.31542.240Triple pole limiter2206x167830G
55.32512.220Triple pole limiter696x107890
55.32522.070Triple pole limiter1206x94890
55.32542.050Triple pole limiter2403.1x226890
55.32542.090Triple pole limiter2306.87890
55.32545.010Triple pole limiter2406x871790
55.32545.040Triple pole limiter2286x871790
55.32552.020Triple pole limiter2406x77890
55.32552.040Triple pole limiter3006x79890
55.32562.010Triple pole limiter3404x130890
55.32562.080Triple pole limiter3506x96890
55.33522.030Triple pole limiter1356x98870
55.33522.060Triple pole limiter1256x178870
55.33523.020Triple pole limiter1156x1171170
55.33542.010Triple pole limiter2206x87870
55.33542.050Triple pole limiter2306x107870
55.33542.090Triple pole limiter2306x107870
55.33543.020Triple pole limiter2306x1071170
55.33543.030Triple pole limiter2306x1071170
55.33544.010Triple pole limiter2306x1201470
55.33545.010Triple pole limiter2456x1171770
55.33544.050Triple pole limiter2356x1071470
55.33555.010Triple pole limiter2954x1281770
55.33573.010Triple pole limiter3654x1601200