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Why do I need a Gas Interlock System?

Do I need a Gas Interlock System? If you run or manage a commercial kitchen, you must have a suitable gas interlock system installed.

This device, also known as a gas interlock panel, prevents the dangerous build-up of gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide which may cause serious health problems and can even lead to fires or explosions.

Gas interlock panels work by shutting down your kitchen’s gas supply immediately if it detects any problem with the fans in your ventilation system.

In this article, the team at Under Control Instruments LTD – specialists in the supply of heating, temperature control and gas equipment and parts – explains a little more about why you should invest in a system of this kind.

UK law requires all commercial kitchens to have a working gas interlock system installed. You must adhere to this legislation if your kitchen has:

  • a power-operated flue system for a gas appliance
  • a new ventilation or extraction system
  • a new gas-line pipework or kitchen layout
  • any category B appliance (e.g. combi-oven, grills, griddles or fryers)

If you have failed to install one, you may face prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive – which may result in kitchen closures and serious fines.

It Will Protect Your Staff and Customers

It is vital that the workplace you manage is safe for all who enter it. Your duty, as a business owner or manager, is to protect your staff, customers and visitors against any potential illness or injury that may be caused while on your premises.

Gas buildup is a serious issue that poses a real threat to anyone and everyone in the vicinity of your kitchen.

It Offers Multiple Ways of Detecting Issues with Your Fans

A gas interlock panel provides a foolproof way of reacting to any issue with your ventilation system. The device works by monitoring both the current of your fans and the air pressure within the system to ensure that everything is working correctly.

If it senses a problem, it will safely shut down your kitchen’s gas supply straight away.

Our gas interlock systems also feature a CO2 detector and a fire alarm for additional safety.

Easy to Install, Easy to Operate

The device is extremely easy and intuitive for any engineer to set up, thanks to the step by step guide we provide. Its compact size means that it will fit perfectly into almost any space.

You can easily monitor what is going on using a straightforward and clearly laid out LED display.

Under Control Instruments LTD offers full gas interlock systems as well as panel only options and panel and emergency stop button combinations. Our systems are available with solenoid valves measuring from 1/2″ to 2″, each of which features threaded female connections.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all gas interlock system panels.

For further information about the products and services available from Under Control Instruments LTD, simply get in touch with us today via our handy online contact form. We’ll be very happy to assist you.

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