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New year, new products

new products available at Under Control

It’s fair to say, 2020 was a difficult year.

But thankfully, here at Under Control Instruments (UCI), we’ve been able to continue our services throughout the pandemic – helping to support essential industries, such as food manufacture, catering, the medical industry and more. And over the last 12 months, our specialist engineers have worked hard behind the scenes to create a host of new products for our clients.

As an industry-leading supplier and manufacturer, we’re incredibly excited to share these products with you. There are many new options to choose from. So be sure to take a look around our website. But here we take a closer look at just a few that are on sale now or available early 2021.


3 new products available for 2021

1. Gas Interlock Assembly Kit

We’re particularly proud to introduce the new Gas Interlock Assembly Kit.

This a revolutionary product; specially designed to be as small as possible, with more control options than ever before, it’s the first of its kind on the market. The controller is very easy to set-up and the digital LED display allows you to see exactly what is happening. What’s more, it is capable of sensing air, current, CO2 and fire from the same unit and fully compliant with British Standards (BS)6173.

Since its prelaunch, this new gas interlock kit has received fantastic feedback from customers. It can be bought as a standalone controller unit for £103, with a speed controller and stop button for £140, or as a complete package – with a speed controller, stop button and solenoid valve – for £182.

Gas Interlock Assembly Kit

2. Green Ceramic Infrared Element

As part of our industrial heating range, we have now launched the Green Ceramic Infrared Element.

This boasts the same specification as our White Ceramic Infrared Element (e.g. long working life, maximum temperature of 700 °C) – but with one added benefit. It changes colour, appearing brown/red when hot and bright green when cold. And as a result, the user can quickly identify any cold spots that have arisen due to a failure and replace the element as efficiently as possible.

Available for the competitive price of £13 per heater, this is an innovative and industry-leading product, and you can choose from a variety of wattages (200-1000w) to suit your needs.

3. Gas Caterhose Assembly Kit

By applying our knowledge of the catering industry, we have developed and manufactured a new Commercial Gas Caterhose Assembly Kit – suitable for use in the harshest kitchen environments.

These kits are approved to BS 669 Part 2 1997 and include a stainless steel braided catering hose (fitted with quick fit/release brass couplings and a cleanable yellow PVC sleeve), a restraining cable set to protect the hose against damage, two carabiner clips and a wall expanding bolt. They can be used with both natural and propane gases and offer a long ‘fit and leave’ working life.

Available in various lengths and diameters, our new caterhose assembly kits cost just £21.99 – £41.00 – depending on the size – and are a worthwhile investment for any commercial kitchen.

Want to find out more about our new products?

We’re not just suppliers, here at UCI. We’re experts in our field and have a vast knowledge of all the products we have created. So if you’d like further technical information, or perhaps a little advice on the best product for your requirements, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Either give us a call on 0121 238 2785 or send an email to and we’ll get back to you.